Telephone: 01727 858200
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Established 1983....     149 London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1TA.....     Telephone :01727 858200....     Established 1983....     149 London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1TA.....     Telephone: 01727 858200....
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Hair Salon

The hair salon is situated on the ground floor at the front of the building. The hairdresser is available twice weekly and bookings are arranged through Manager.

Chiropody and Manicure

The chiropodist calls every 4 weeks and is available to all residents and is arranged by appointment through the Manager. We have an in house 3 weekly manicure service provided to all residents automatically by our activities co-ordinator.

Washing Facilities

All residents rooms are now en-suite except room 47. Assisted baths are available on both floors and bathrooms are clearly marked.




We have a 'shop' situated in the main dining area where residents and visitors may purchase items from a small range of goods. These range from personal hygiene items to chocolates and tissues. There is a limited range but we are prepared to stock items on request. Please use the appropriate form provided at 'the shop'.


The library is situated in the largest lounge and is operated by the Herts County Mobille Library Service and is for the benefit of all residents also catering for the partially sighted with a range of audio books upon request. Book donations are appreciated as an addition to this service.


The Manager arranges doctors in house visits at her discretion or by request. The district nurse also calls to administer when required. If a resident is not registered with a local practice then arrangements can be made for registration.


Self medication is allowed where appropriate and when agreement is made in advance. We provide a daily blister pack dispensation service that is administrered by qualified staff accordingly.


The Reverend from St Luke's Church, Cell Barnes Lane, St Albans call regularly (every 6 weeks), although many residents enjoy a visit from their own Vicar, Reverend etc. All visits are welcomed from any denomination.


We have an in-house entertainments co-ordinator who organises specific activities twice weekly as well as trips to the theatre, cinema, local attractions and tea and coffee mornings outside Stuart House. She organises entertainers, armchair acivities, encourages hobbies, scrabble and many more interesting activities on request.


We rotate the Stuart House menu every 4 weeks and vary the produce seasonally. All food is produced freshly and completely in the main kitchen. Breafast is generally taken in the residents own rooms where morning tea, coffee and biscuits is also served if required. A choice on the menu is offered where possible. The menu is displayed in the main dining areas and the kitchen. We encourage all residents to take their main meals at their preferred dining table and specific requests are catered for with sufficient prior notice.